Jewish Film Festival Zagreb was organised in Croatia in 2007th for the first time as only festival of Jewish film in the region. For the first year it has lasted for three days and it was expanded to five days after two years and after the fourth year it was prolonged to one week.

Based on previous experience and recognition from many individuals and instituitons, festivals programs are offering content that todays society needs, not only for enriching their cultural lives with high quality artistic work, but by raising awareness about tolerance and accepting differences in society that is going through moral crisis.

Because of its success in Zagreb, we have organized a tour of Festival of Tolerance to bring its content to as much cities in region as we can to promote values of great importance for the region. We are visiting Cetinje hoping for as much visitiors we can have on our programs, wich are free for all visitors. For more information about our programs visit our webpage or download materials from the bottom of this page.


Poster Festival of tolerance

Festival of tolerance flyer